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Female Music Artist

Meet Elyse

Here’s my professional truth …

We Lift. We Encourage. Coach and Develop! Here are somethings that can take you to the next level! Range, Endurance, Stamina, Great Control, Resonance, Vocal Strength and Vocal Quality


It’s so much bigger than music it’s a Ministry. I see my voice as a gift to help others through song and voice! I have been using my voice for ministry at the start of a very young age. My entire family IS MUSIC! As I grew further in my years, I grew more into who I’ am. Through these years I began to travel to different states and use my voice in praise & worship at churches, plays and events.


Using my voice is also a gift that I believe we have all been given. One of my favorite quotes is "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."

I love this quote because it stands for the greatness that has been deposited on the inside of you. 


Being able to help my clients find who they are through what was gifted is where I hone in on.  Through the years I have enjoyed working with my clients helping them find their voices, helping them train for performances, theatrical plays, auditions, regain their vocal strength, and more! I can honestly say it has truly been a blessing!


This is what  LEV is all about!

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a gift.

You've learnt a little about my journey, Now I want to help with yours!

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